Thursday 12 August 2021


The Coronavirus years have not stopped us painting but it has been a very long time since I posted anything here.  We are currently planning the second exhibition by British Plein Air Painters being held at the Mall Galleries 7-12 September 2021.  This is the link to our site:

I am submitting about a dozen paintings - maybe a few more if I am allowed!

If you are interested in any of these I can keep them back, otherwise they will go into the show catalogue in about a week's time.

Low Tide Porthcurno Beach

Surfers, Sennen

High Tide Porthcurno Beach

Sea Mist, Sennen

Redentore from Punta Dogana, Venice

Incoming Tide, Sennen

Light Snow, Beckley

Flooded track, Otmoor

Camel Mouth from Daymer Bluffs

Spring Morning, Savill Garden, Windsor

The Village Wassail, Beckley

Light Snow, Otmoor

The Turquoise Umbrella, Sennen

Evening Football, Sennen Beach

Porthchapel Beach From Above

Old Harry from Ballard Down

Bright Day Sennen Cove

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