Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Plein Air Brotherhood In The Artist

My pals who formed the Brotherhood are featured in The Artist this month and Roy Connelly kindly mentioned in the article that the name fell from my lips at the Bath Prize show last year - he was quick to pick up on that one as it was just a throwaway remark as we were all gazing at the Plein Air section.  They are having an inaugural exhibition at the A&K Wilson Gallery this month - the PV was last Thursday.  Adebanji Alade, Antony Bridge, Roy Connelly, John Dobbs, David Pilgrim and Karl Terry. http://www.akwilsongallery.co.uk/  Definitely worth a look if you are going anywhere near Harpenden in the next month.  David is on the cover.  I think that I must have taken the photo (with his camera) because I was painting alongside him that day at Sennen (or maybe Valerie took it as she was painting nearby too?  Whatever!):

USA Plein Air Magazine - Our Cornish Trip

Antony Bridge very kindly sent round a screengrab of the two-page spread on us in the magazine.  I don't think my little piece on the hazards of working with seagulls is in there - the humour was rather lavatorial!  Anyway, here is an idea of what it looks like but best to go to the magazine's web site to read it properly (http://www.outdoorpainter.com/):