Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blogless In Beckley (Almost)

It is nearly a whole month since my last post.  I am looking for an excuse and 'wedding planning' might do but actually I have been able to sneak out and get stuff done. I have also been reasonably busy in the studio.  In fact I seem to have clocked up 36 small panels of one sort or another since the last post so here goes with some of them.

Beckley Park, below our 'piste', is always a draw for me and the tobogganing wasn't up to much this year so I dumped my toboggan and tried an 8x10 while I had the chance:

Towards Beckley Park 8x10
21 Jan 13

When we had the snow we also had very flat light and it was hard to find something that sparkled a bit.   On what was meant to be a shopping trip I caught these boys playing football in Witney:

 Football, Witney 10x8
22 Jan 13

The next day I tried 2 sketches from the 7-acre field above the village but they were both a little 'strong'. I will knock them back a bit at some point but here is one of them:

Beckley From 7 Acres 8x10

Then came the floods.  I have never seen the River Ray at Islip burst its banks over so wide an area:

Flooded Fields Islip 8x10
30 Jan 13

Flooded Fields Islip 8x12
1 Feb 13

I went back to the 7-acre field one sunny morning and did two small panels.  This is the first of them:

Beckley From 7-acres 8x10
2 Feb 13
The second fall of snow went quickly but I just managed to catch this one from above Stanton St John:

Towards Forest Hill 8x10
12 Feb 13

Michael Worthington and I then had a sunny day in Brill where we each did two small oils.  This is my first one.  A deeper panel would have allowed a proper foreground but it was all I had.:

Main Street, Brill 5x9
15 Feb 13

Finally, I have continued to experiment with the Atelier Acrylics on slightly larger paintings of Venice, based on th sketches I made there in late November.  This is an example:

Waiting For Customers, San Barnaba 10x8