Thursday, 23 May 2013

Back At Last

After weeks of preparations we finally had the Wedding of the Year on a fine Saturday in early April.  The all day epic for 170 of us ended at 1.30 am when I kicked out the last of the boppers and started to think about painting again.  To prove I was there, here is a shot of the proud father-of-the-bride and his elder daughter in their best kit.  I cringe when I think that those shoes cost me more than a Jullian box easel!

In early May David Pilgrim and I had a great time staying with David and Herme Bachmann in Seville. Mike Richardson joined us after a couple of days.  The Davids and Mike produced some splendid stuff over the concentrated week of painting.  Eric Davis had Tony Dakin to stay in his flat just round the corner from the Bachmanns, so for a few days there were 6 of us out on the streets.  I loved Seville - I think we all did - and I would go back there like a shot.  I did 30 oil sketches and numerous drawings over the 9 days.  My favourite site was the Royal Alcázar Palace and because David B had got us all special passes we were able to wander in and out of the palace gardens at will. Below I have posted just a few of the paintings done on the trip.

Dome, Cypress and Belltower
We painted this on our first and last days - it is in the cathedral square.  

In The Plaza Nueva

The Triana Bridge

Plaza Elvira and Michael Richardson
Mike was hard at work at the other end of this little square, painting us.

The Alcázar Gardens
Both the Davids made a good job of this - they seemed to get the heat of the day in somehow.

The Water Organ, Alcázar Gardens
When the reservoir for the organ became full, the flow would be released and the organ would play two tunes, both of which became 'brain worms' if you stayed there too long!

Pool in the Carlos V Pabellon
Mike captured another view of this beautifully.  There are openings on all four sides and this pool is a 
'must' for next time

Mercury and The Tank 1
I found the 'Jimmy' (as the Royal Corps of Signals call it) irresistible and painted it 5 or 6 times.

Mercury and The Tank 2

Cenador Del Leon
This is quite close to the Charles 5th Pavilion, in the Réal Alcázar gardens

Urn and Seat, Alcázar Gardens

Rooftop View from Aire
I had paint left on my palette after my 'Final' painting, so went up onto David B's rooftop terrace and painted this in about 30 minutes - making it the final, final painting

Now I am preparing for my nephew's wedding in Canada in late July - a whole weekend of it including a full-blown Ukranian Orthodox service to tie the knot.  Maddy is allowing me time to paint (she is bringing books) so when we are not sight-seeing I hope to do some oil sketching on 10x7 and 9x7 boards and using very lightweight kit.  I have just finished making two wet panel boxes (to take 7 inch boards up to 11 inches long) and a new 'palette-easel'.  The latter is simplicity itself and only weighs 450 grams (1lb).  Once I have screwed one of those Ken Bromley brackets on the bottom I will be able to mount it on my ancient Zeiss tripod, which is made of brass, beautifully engineered and less than half the weight of a modern tripod.

The palette-easel folds into itself to look like a medium sized book

Then when you open it all the way round it becomes a combined easel and palette.  My DIY skills are almost non-existent but I find these gadgets very satisfying to make, especially as all the wood is salvaged and I get what I really need at the end.