Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cornwall May 12 - Preamble

At last I have had time to sift through the 31 paintings and 9 postcard studies I made in the 8 days of another brilliant trip to Cornwall organised by David Pilgrim. This time I persuaded my painting pal Michael Worthington to join us and we drove down in my old 'van with windows' Berlingo. As David and Mike Richardson have already reported the weather was mixed but we made the best of it. My 'bag', was also mixed but I was quite pleased with some of them and others that did not quite come off will still be useful as reference material. The biggest change for me was in adopting a long thin format for many of the beach scenes and in starting the 'postcards'. The latter are little 6x4 inch studies that I now do before or after a bigger painting - maybe to capture detail or more often the 'wholeness' of the scene including the average tones of the big shapes. I will do a 'main post' of the better paintings next time - probably during the Jubilee weekend, between parties! For now, here are two examples of 'long thin' and postcard.

Figure on Beach Sennen - Postcard

Sennen Beach, Incoming Tide (8x15 inches)