Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Punts and Punters

Last week I decided to have another go at the Magdalen Bridge boathouse.  David Pilgrim and I had already painted it but it is such an attractive view that I thought it would bear another shot.  Unfortunately on 8 Aug I lost the light so decided to do a Monet and come back at the same time on a sunny day to finish it.  This is how far I got.  Note the Camembert parked on the palette.  Dangerous business, eating while painting.  The chances of absent-mindedly dipping my oily brush into the camembert are quite high but accidentally catching some Cadmium Yellow on my baguette would be worse and of course a dose of Genuine Naples Yellow (if I used it) would probably finish me off!

I returned yesterday but this time forgot my tripod.  What to do?  I ended up buying a slide-projector stand in a charity shop nearby for a fiver and strapping my palette-easel to it with some bits of old wire I found by the river bank.  It worked:

I even had a tray to put my pochade box on.

I was relieved to get this one more or less finished but it is a bit busy and needs a more obvious focal point on which the eye can finally rest so one of the umbrellas might have to go.

I suspect that it will be the left-hand one.


  1. Nice one Tim. You got the colours just right on this one and I love your blues and greens. I get your point about the umbrella - I think you could actually keep both if you change the colour/tone of the left one to make it less vibrant so the right one is the focal point.

  2. Tim I really like your use of figures in this painting. So many outdoor painters leave them out or render them so loosely/poorly that the painting would be better without them. But your figures are wonderful and add so much life and energy to the painting.