Sunday, 2 October 2011

Momentum - Or The Lack Of It

What happened to September?  Suddenly it is October and I find that I have slowed down considerably on new work.  I have been consolidating, which means chucking anything that is never going to be of interest, trying to rescue half-decent paintings and keeping only really useful reference material.  Because most of my work in the past 10 years has been done with Alkyd oils on board, I can reprime boards with an Alkyd oil-based primer.  So far I have destroyed 242 paintings, recycled over 200 boards and 'rescued' 20 paintings.  I think it was worth it, if only to rid myself of the weight of so many past failures!

I have done a little new work.  I did make it to Bath once on my own and the PAS meet at Henley last weekend with Rita Vul.  A couple of trips to Oxford and Thrupp and that is about it.  Here are some of the results:

First Bath:


Then Henley:


And maybe just one of the Oxford ones:

Yes, the dear old Radcliffe Camera again!  I did two that morning, both 8x6 inches, and by the time I finished the second one I really had had enough of Chineses and Japanese tourists and their cameras.  They are always very polite and complimentary but there are just too many of them.

Looking forward to tackling the turning leaves once again and those pinks and purples of Winter.


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  1. Tim you are so brave to get rid of so many paintings. 242!! That's a lifetime! I bet there were plenty good ones in there but I know that feeling when you just want to start from fresh. I have many old paintings I simply can't look at anymore but I'm keeping a selection just as a reminder of where I come from! I like your Bath paintings here, specially Margaret buildings where you really managed to transmit the feeling of the place. Oxford one is lovely too.