Monday, 7 November 2011

Royal Institute of Oil Painters

To my surprise and delight I had a painting selected for this year's Open Show in December.  I was equally delighted that David Pilgrim got 4 in - the maximum for a non-member.  I also had another small oil through the initial trawl (ie a 'doubtful') that was cut out of the final selections.  Both paintings were the ones that David P and Maddy my wife had tipped for selection.  Having betted Maddy that I wouldn't get any selected this time, I am now ten quid the poorer!

The one that got in (8x10 inches) was dashed off on a cold afternoon early this year:

The 'doubtful but not selected one was Clearing Snow (6x8 inches):

I thought this little one with the bronze hare was good fun (about 7x8 inches I think) but I can understand why it was not selected:

I also submitted one of the recent Punts paintings, a Radcliffe Camera scene and this 8x10 of swans nesting in front of the new hide on Otmoor:

I have not submitted for 3 years so think myself lucky to have got another one in at this attempt.  The standard is phenomenally high and the only way to have the slightest chance is to submit one's very best work.  In the past I have overworked paintings in an attempt to make them more selectable but of course that just has the opposite effect.  It was also interesting to look at the ROI blog and discover that the selection panel consisted almost entirely of my 'heroes' in the Society - their approval, and that of my painting pals, means more to me than anything else. 


  1. Nice one Tim....and thoroughly deserved too! I love that painting of Stanton lake...I just want to keep looking at it more :o) The snow painting is delightful and I can see why it was strongly in the running. The hare and vase is very charmingly done and rather fun too. A really strong set of paintings and you should be very pleased about getting selected. Look forward to seeing you at the preview!

  2. Great work Tim, I'm not surprised they accepted the first one and I do like the others too so it must have been a close call. Congratulations to you both!

  3. Tim,
    Very nice, I like all four but I think the first two are very strong. I'd hate to have to choose between them. Congratulations on your acceptance into the show.

  4. Congratulations Tim, see you at the Private View!