Monday, 2 April 2012

Long Time No Post!

The sap is rising: it is time to throw off the Winter blues and welcome the Spring.  I have had a patchy start to the year but sometimes that gives me the impetus to knuckle down to some worthwhile stuff once the weather warms up. 

I have been keeping my hand in with the pastels by doing small nudes as exercises.  Here are two of them:

Also, I have been attending the Brass Monkey sessions that the Wapping Group run in the Winter.  The one in the Inns of Court was very enjoyable.  Here is the second of two panels painted that day (I am following Valerie's advice and putting in titles):

Middle Temple Gardens 23 Feb 12
Sonning Lock was excellent as a venue and although I did not do it justice I had two honest attempts at it from different viewpoints:

Sonning Lock Looking Downstream 22 Mar 12

Sonning Lock Looking Upstream 22 Mar 12
I have been painting in the village in the fine weather, too:

Beckley High Street 26 Mar 12

The Postman, Beckley 28 Mar 12

Walkers, Beckley 28 Mar 12

Sorties to surrounding areas have been unusually few for me - probably because I am desperate to rescue my garden from 10 years of neglect.  However I have managed the odd oil sketch:

Oxford From Shotover Plain 21 Mar 12

Oxford From Shotover Plain II 21 Mar 12

Burning Hedge Cuttings, Eaton 10 Mar 12

Elsfield Churchyard 3 Mar 12

Sheep, Elsfield 1 Mar 12

I am now looking forward to painting with my pals at Easter, in my native Dorset.


  1. Hi Tim! It makes me laugh the way you always say you haven't been painting much, and then post a hundred paintings in the same post! You have been very prolific! Many of those I really like. I love the composition on number 3 & 6, and I love the paintings 9 & 10, they are so serene. You should give them all names though! Looking forward to our painting trip too. I have just been priming almost 100 boards - very messy and and the smell make me dizzy too but happy it's done!

  2. Hi Valerie, Thanks for your encouragement! I have been going through one of those self-doubt periods that all artists seem prone to but now looking forward very much to watching you knock off some gems on those panels you have primed, when we are on the Jurassic Coast!

  3. Hi Tim, just discovered your blog some great stuff here! I think the Sonning ones pretty much hit the spot and I like the Village ones too.
    Ron Adams