Saturday, 1 December 2012

I Must Get This Off My Chest

The Infection I mean!  A cocktail of antibiotics and 9 days of almost continuous coughing has left me with half a chance to survive Venice.  I leave for the airport in half an hour.

It has not been all bad news.  I got off my sick bed to go to the Army Arts Soc private view in Salisbury and was surprised and pleased to win second prize in the Chemring Painting Competition for the little Venice picture I posted on the last blogand also sell some pieces.  A few days later I learnt that I had had two paintings accepted for this year's Royal Institute of Oil Painters show, which is a great privilege.  They are another, larger Old Harry and a painting of Irish Lady in Cornwall.

Old Harry

You can see and buy both pics on the Mall Galleries web site (under ROI)

Whilst being ill I have tried to keep going with some pastel studies based on work by Ken Howard, Tom Coates, Peter Kuhfeld, etc.  Here is one of them - I will post some more on return from Venice:

Salute, after Ken Howard RA.  Pastel

Salute, after Ken Howard RA. Pastel

San Toma, after Peter Kuhfeld NEAC.  Pastel

Sunset from the Molo, after David Sawyer. Pastel

Salute and Orange Wall, after Tom Coates PPNEAC.  Pastel

Salute, after Ken Howard RA.  Pastel
The red stripey poles are no more!  I guess they just rotted out

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