Sunday, 22 December 2013

Artists' Christmas Cards

I have been blessed with some wonderful cards from artist friends this year.  I thought I would share some with you.

From left to right: Valérie Pirlot and John Berry and their beautiful baby Louisa; Haidee-Jo Summers' 'Sledging At Belmont Park'; Valérie's calendar for 2014 (full of lovely things); Karl Terry's 'Road To Camber';  David Pilgrim's 'Morning Snow, Mill Lane, Stony Stratford'.

What a great idea to put a winter scene on a card.  I used to do a Christmas lino cut each year, hand printed by me  but I got tired of it.  Seeing how well these cards have come out I am tempted to have a go next year.

Well, the tree is up, half of the 48 mincepies I made last week have already been eaten and I have brought in the Yule Log only to discover it won't fit in the fire grate!  I have also found all the decorations in the attic that have not been chewed by mice (my mother's old glass baubles are mouse-proof), practised the reading I am doing at our 'Carols and Claret' service tonight and done a thousand other Christmas jobs.  I love Christmas but actually I can't wait to get back to painting again.  Might have to sneak into the studio while the others are watching Harry Potter repeats.  Happy Christmas!

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