Friday, 25 July 2014

The Back Log 5 - Pintar Rapido

Once again this was a very enjoyable day, when I saw many of my painting friends on the streets of Chelsea.  We have all been pretty busy lately and it was good to catch up on news and paint together.  I met up with Valérie Pirlot first and then we found David Pilgrim down by the river.  I had actually arrived super-early so had done this little 10x8 opposite Gail's bakery in the Kings Road:

Gail's 10x8
David and I tried a river scene on the East side of the Albert Bridge whilst Valérie went up river and painted near the next bridge.  This was the one I submitted for the show on Sunday.  I told the organisers that it was an oil but they still managed to smudge the whole of the central portion!  I will clean it up some day.

Bunting By The Albert Bridge 8x10
David and I then moved to Carlisle Place where we found a shady spot in the corner of the square:

Carlisle Place 8x10
That was it for Saturday 19 July.  On Sunday 20th I was heavily involved with handing out our show from the Mall Galleries, including a long walk with a heavy bronze that I had promised to collect for a customer.  I had stayed at the Union Jack Club near Waterloo and by 6am I was painting on the Embankment side of the river.

Early Morning Near Embankment Station 12x8
I then went to the gallery but by 2pm we had finished the handing-out and I was able to get back to Chelsea.  I tried one of the Albert Bridge from Rober Falcon Scott's house in Oakley Street:

Albert Bridge From Oakley Street 10x8
My final painting was from West of the Albert Bridge looking looking up river contre jour.  The painting itself is a lot more colourful than this rather bleached out image:

Towards Chelsea Harbour from the Embankment 10x8
I really enjoyed getting back to 'proper' painting, despite being very rusty and the incredibly hot weather.  I did not sell my painting in Sunday's show but several of my friends did - Haidee Joe Summers, Mo Teeuw, Tom Hughes and others.  It was also good to meet up with Chris Miers, Roy Connelly, David Bachmann. Pauline Hazelwood and Paul Rafferty plus many new acquaintances.  Despite her new role as mother of little Louisa I think Valérie had lost none of her touch and her painting of the river from next to Battersea Bridge was probably my 'fave' with the two that David did being the usual gems.  My money was on Haidee for the big prize but I am not sure who got it.  There is always next year - or Pintar Rapido Amsterdam!

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