Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cornwall in May - Second Post

I have been having trouble with Google's new blog software in my normal browser but David Pilgrim has advised me to use Chrome, which seems to have eased the problem.  Incidentally, I was disappointed that Anneka Rice did not concentrate on David's work during the Queen's Jubilee Pageant (he was one of the 20 'chosen ones').  It will be great to see David's masterpieces - what a great souvenir of the day.

Anyway, back to Cornwall!

First Sennen beach.  Living so close, this was always a draw, so we did quite a few paintings on or near the beach.  Here are a few:

Turning Tide, Sennen
High Tide, Sennen
Against The Light, Sennen

On my last morning I went up to a spot that David Pilgrim and Mike Richardson had used and looked back down to the cove:
Sennen Cove From Near The Lookout
The weather was rarely good but we took our chances.  For Pendeen, Botallack and Levant we were quite happy with heavy seas and the occasional bit of sun to add some sparkle.  Pendeen was our first port of call and I have to admit I struggled that day but you have to go through that initial period before you find yourself in the groove.  I climbed the Enys from the back but found nothing so did this one of the light from low down :
Pendeen Light from across the Zawn
Botallack and Levant were more successful.  First Levant on a cold, blustery day:

Pendeen Watch from Levant
Looking the other way on a brighter day we captured Trwellard Zawn:

Trewellard Zawn from Levant
At Botallack the Crown Mines were once again an irresistible pull:

Crown Mines From Zawn-a Bal Headland

Before I tackled this I did one of those 6x4 postcards that I find such fun:

Crown Mines Rock Study 6x4 inches
These little things seem to have a 'presence' all of their own and are very useful as colour/tone notes.  I now carry around a box of them in case I have 20 minutes in which to do something.  I am tempted to go up to 7x5 but where does one stop?!

I still have to cover the other locations but I will close this and do a third Cornwall post tomorrow.

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