Monday, 4 June 2012

ROI Picnic

Before I post the third Cornwall report I thought I would do a quick post on the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) picnic at Strand On The Green, Monday 28 May 2012.  I was invited as a Friend of the society - as I guess Sue Edwards was - but the rest were members or aspirants.  It was hell getting there on a Monday morning but I managed to start at about 10 am with a10x8 looking West towards the Cafe Rouge area, preceded by another of those 6x4 postcards:

The tide was falling all the time so I wandered down to the Cafe Rouge area to see what the others were doing.  I felt quite uninspired so did two more postcards of Oliver's Island (one shown here) before heading off for coffee and cake at the Cafe Rouge.

I was joined by a substantial number of like-minded people.  I think we had all found it a bit of a struggle.  The next two hours were spent sipping tea/coffee and talking about art!  We left at 5pm but I then realised that I would be caught in the rush hour so went back to the Cafe Rouge and painted it from across the road:

Cafe Rouge, Strand-on-the-Green
This might make a good subject for about 3pm on a sunny day.

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