Friday, 17 June 2011


Now I have started this lark I can see that there is no end to it.  I have just spent 30 minutes of good studio time drooling over the fabuloso paintings on David Pilgrim's, Valerie Pirlot's and Sarah Wimperis's sites.  You start clicking on other interesting articles (eg the '4 in Provence' trip) and suddenly you've missed breakfast, morning coffee and the classical CD review.  Anyway I have now found out how to 'follow'.  I wonder if anyone has started Blogaholics Anonymous - might need them.


  1. Tim, welcome to the party :o) I 'suffer' the same problems...many a minute (actually, more like hour) have been spent browsing the blog accounts of fellow painters. It's all good though and rather like plein air painting's all about connecting :o)

  2. I'm afraid I'll have to agree with David. Once you're a blogger, there's no way back! It's a bit like Hotel California (you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave!). I mean - look at us replying to your post within hours - we should really get a life;) My boyfriend is actually jealous of my computer because I spend so much time with it! It might sound like a lame excuse, but like David I do think it helps you connect with people and really develop your style and technique as it enables you to follow so many talented painters. It's like free tutorial sometimes. Anyway well done on your big Cornwall pieces, it looks like you have been really busy in spite of your wife concert!