Thursday, 16 June 2011


I am considering registering for the Woodstock Art Festival (22-30 Oct 11) and running a show of plein air paintings with some friends.  It might be called something like 'Resurgence' or 'Fa Presto - Painting Quickly In UK' or similar, the point being to mark the resurgence of direct painting ( ie a modern form of 'alla prima', akin to the Impressionist ideal) in the past five years.  As well as a static show at one of the town's venues I would like to have lots of us painting in Woodstock over the weekend of 22/23 October.  However, the Plein Air Society is massing in the Peak District over 29/30 Oct so that might put a damper on the idea.  Whatever happens I shall paint there outdoors during the festival - as I did last year.

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