Thursday, 9 June 2011

Enid Lawson Gallery Show

Went to the PV last night - great show and a lovely bunch of people.  11 New Cavendish St until 22 June.  I have painted alongside Michael Richardson and Adebanji and knew Karl Terry's work but it was great to meet Chris Daynes as well.  It is always nice too to meet the women behind the men (and vice versa for women artists).  All the artist's partners I have met are tremendously supportive (including my own by the way!) so it must be part of being an artist to have a good mate.  

For an outdoor painter it is inspiring to see what others can manage to achieve on location.  Chris and Adebanji have some really large paintings in the show and Mike and Karl a few 'biggies' as well but all the artists produce the 'little gems' that I like.  The gallery URL is and I recommend you look out Mike Richardson's tiny 'Covent Garden' painting, Chris's 'Last Light on a London Street (unfortunately sold!), Adebanji's 'Summer Light, Cadogan Arms' and Karl's 'Southbank Gallopers', all of which I would happily buy if I could get them past the guard on my front door!  (She has declared the house to be 'full'!)

It was wondeful that the show was supported by the presence of Prof Ken Howard and a great chance for those who regard him as The Master to pick his brains on more technical matters. May he live forever.

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