Thursday, 16 June 2011

More About Cornwall

Here are some more pics of the plein air fanatics at work in Cornwall.  David Pilgrim was responsible for this pic of the Anglo-Spanish-Belgian contingent.  Michael R, David B, Valerie and self (eating while painting - probably not a good idea but I was very hungry).  We are looking across at Marazion and St Michael's mount.

David Pilgrim painting on the beach at Sennen. The tide was receding rapidly - coping with constant change is the plein air painter's joy and frustration.

Valerie Pirlot completing her first gem on the beach at Sennen - straight from Penzance railway station.  (These young plein air painters don't 'arf drive themselves 'ard!)   

My stance and painting of Irish Lady and Lands End from Pedn Men Du.  There is something visceral and yet sublime about painting in this sort of spot - on the edge in evening light, with only seagulls for company.

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  1. Great blog Tim. Glad you started it. Now, just a suggestion... what about actually putting some of your paintings maybe??;) I'm a follower now (actually I'm your first one! - Do I get a prize for it?) so I'll keep an eye for your next posts! Happy painting and see you soon!