Monday, 31 March 2014

Essaouira Part Three - The Medina Walls

The North West side of the Medina faces the sea and the coast there is very rocky.  I was able to get a better view of the sea walls by venturing out at low tide.  On one occasion I did not quite make it back to shore before the tide came in and had wet feet for the rest of the morning.  Both the following paintings were done in the teeth of a very strong down-coast wind that at one point lifted the easel jammed between my knees and I only just caught it as it swept over my head!

The Medina Walls from the rocks (8x10)

The Medina Walls From The Rocks (8x12)
 The classic view of the Medina is from the Port Gate:

Unfinished Classic View of the Medina
I was not happy with this and abandoned it but since returning I have decided to work on it as I have nothing to lose by so doing.

Under The Medina Walls (7x10)
Looking back towards the port one evening after an excursion onto the rocks, I noticed how the light was striking a lovely shadow and people were beginning to sit on the sea wall to catch the last strong rays of the sun:

The Sea Wall, Evening (10x12)
In the evening stillness at high tide one could also catch some nice reflections of the Medina walls:

Reflections In The Rock Pool (10x7)
Part of the Medina wall facing the sea is a 'Skala' or gun battery with extra fortifications.  This acrylic sketch was done on our last morning from inside the Skala wall at 'Bab Skala' (the Skala Gate):

Unfinished Acrylic of The Bab Skala (approx 10x11)
The next part of the Essaouira blog will cover the port.

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