Saturday, 1 March 2014

ROI Friends Day

Terry 1
Last Thursday some ROI 'Friends' and members assembled at the Winsor and Newton (now in the ColArt group) headquarters just west of Holland Park.  We painted Terry - a wonderful model who sat for all the morning and afternoon.  Last time we did many small studies and I had assumed that the format would be the same so only had small boards.  As Terry was asked to do a single pose I moved round a little to give myself some variety.  I did 3 sketches.  Terry has a wonderful head and it was a joy to paint! Here they are in order:

Terry 3 - With Sue Edwards in background

Terry 10x8

Actually the last one shown was the second one painted but as I am having so much trouble with this crap software I will simply leave them in that order.  Finally a pic of Ian Cryer, Bill Dean and Alice Hall packing up, with Terry lurking near the door:

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