Sunday, 30 March 2014

Essaouira Part One - The Forts

At last I have found some time to record the great trip we had to Morocco earlier in the month.  We were there from 12 to 19 March and over the 6 full days and the final morning I did 31 small paintings and numerous pen sketches of Essaouira.  Apart from the warm if windy weather and the fascinating life that exists within the Medina, what I found most attractive about the location was the variety.  When you are tired of street scenes you move to the port.  When fishing boats are no longer firing you up you move to the rocky coastline and when that palls, you move to the beach.  There is always something to paint in Essaouira.

I thought I would divide the blog into sections that cover particular locations.  The scenery with the most 'pull' for me was the sea and islands off the North side of the town.  The Port Fort (Skala de Port) has such an irresitible shape that it crept into many of the oil sketches.

I think this was the first one I did, from under the Medina wall:

The Port Fort and Island Fort - Early Morning (8x12)

As the sun moves round in the morning the whole scene becomes contre jour :

Port Fort Contre Jour  (7x9)
 I was drawn back several times to this view or one looking more towards the island fort:
Midday Under The Medina Wall (10x8)

The Island Fort 7x9

Island Fort - Sunlit Sea (7x9)

Port Fort From The Medina Wall (10x8)

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  1. Hi Tim. I just discovered your latest posts - thanks for sharing! You have been prolific! I specially like all the ones of the ford and the ones from the beach. You managed to simplify the shapes and tones and convey a lovely light. Hope all is well!