Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wet Wet Wet Continued

I am having real trouble editing these posts. 

Doing them in small chunks might be better.  We went to our favourite place to stay in Dorset recently and before the walk each day (along sections of the South Coast Path) I managed several tiny studies of local flowers:

Primroses In A Copper Bowl 5x7 inches

Then more still life on our return:

Clementines And A Pomegranate 8x8 inches

Still Life With Chinese Figurine 9x11

So, although I have missed the Plein Air buzz I feel that I have kept going and looking at the log I have already clocked up 50 small paintings this year.  The next blog will report on the Royal Institute of Oil Painters' 'Paint In' at the Winsor and Newton HQ.

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