Saturday, 1 March 2014

Why Is This Google Software Playing Up?

It doesn't seem to matter whether I am using Chrome or Explorer I am having allsorts of problems with things that used to be very straightforward. For example to correct allsorts to all sorts I would have to delete right back to the original error.  Pictures are much harder to place and inserting captions is a nightmare.  I have a Masters in the Design of Information Systems and this one currently gets 1/10 - at least it is free and available - just.  I shall be scouting around for a blog provider with intuitively easy and reliable software.  As Sam Goldwyn famously said  (but not to Google) 'you've improved it worse'.

Am I a victim of planned obsolescence?  I still use the XP operating system but that should not make any difference because it is the browser that is interpreting the HTML not the OS.  It is a mystery but very time-consumingly annoying! Perhaps I should give up Google for Lent.  Twenty years ago Alta Vista was the browser to use but then personal computing was still in its youth.

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